We are an independent video game development studio founded in 2021 in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Hand crafted. Super spicy. Irreverent and earnest.
We make games we want to play, for people who love discovering new wacky worlds, messing around with surprising and fresh mechanics, and playing games their own way.

Most of us previously worked at Typhoon Studios, which got acquired by Google at the end of 2019 and merged into Stadia Games & Entertainment...  only to be shut down about a year later amid a global pandemic.

So this is us going at it again:


Reid Schneider
Co-founder &
Studio Head / Executive Producer

Alex Hutchinson
Co-founder &
Creative Director

Yannick Simard
Co-founder &
CTO / Head of Technology

Erick Bilodeau
Co-founder &
Art Director

Marc-Antoine Lussier
Co-founder &
Technical Design Director

Noémie L'Écuyer

Steven Masters
Game Design Director

Alexandre Morin
World Design Director

Mike Mennillo
Animation Director

Benoît Le Forban
Associate Producer

Cameron Jarvis
Lead Audio Designer

Carl Thibeault
Lead Technical Artist

Ed Hardison
Lead Character Artist

James Kane
Designer / Lead Dev QA

Maxime Mussini
Level Designer

Jonathan Leung
Cinematics Specialist /
Narrative Designer

Jeremy Price
Principal Artist

Wiliam Douville
Senior Artist

Gabriel Kelly
Senior Concept Artist

Jessie Sansoucy-Jasmin
Technical Artist

Liam Francey

Pierre-Louis Puaud
2D/UI Artist

Éric Binet
Principal Programmer

Eugene Solyanov
Principal Programmer

Brian Stewart
Senior Programmer

Olivier Groulx
Senior Graphics Programmer

Marc-André Faucher
Senior Programmer

Anuradha Mallik

Bruno Gosselin

Fanny Ouellet
Development Tester


Collectively, along their career, members of our team have contributed to all those games/franchises, just to name the best-known ones:

Army of Two

Assassin's Creed

Baldur's Gate

Batman Arkham



Call of Duty

Def Jam

Deus Ex

Far Cry

Fight Night


Guardians of the Galaxy

Journey to the Savage Planet

LEGO Star Wars

Mortal Kombat

Rainbow Six

Shaun White

Splinter Cell


Star Wars Battlefront

The Sims


Tony Hawk

Warhammer 40k




4200 Boul. Saint-Laurent #207
Montréal, Québec, Canada
H2W 2R2